David Reynolds believes there is more in the car.

Reigning third place title holder David Reynolds believes there is more in the car and looks forward to working with the team to further enhance it at Australia’s Grand Prix this coming weekend –

“The car proved fast in the wet in Adelaide, I only wish there were a few more laps in the final race. In the dry it was fast in certain sections so I know it has the capabilities to be better. It was our first hit out and I learnt a lot. I am going into this weekend with an open mind as we work together to further develop the car”.

Reynolds who has finished as high as 4th in Melbourne acknowledges the need to qualify well on the challenging world famous street circuit –

“It’s a unique track. The approach (entries) are narrow and the exits are wide. It’s a very long and challenging circuit so it’s important you qualify well as it’s a hard track to pass on cleanly. We also have only one qualifier for the 4 race starts, so there is a lot riding on it”.
Reynolds will first hit the track on


1250 – 1320: Practice 1
1515 – 1545: Practice 2
1650 – 1720: Qualifying