Betty Klimenko

Betty Klimenko broke the mould when she entered the Supercars Championship in 2013. All tattoos, black boots, and bleached hair, her down to earth, go get ‘em attitude made her an instant hit.

The popular motorsport matriarch has since set a new standard for accessibility, providing glimpses of behind-the-scenes action to loyal fans. 

A shake-up at the beginning of 2016 saw Betty surrounded by new drivers, race cars, and many new faces when she moved her team from Queensland to Victoria. 

Fast forward 18-months to October 2017 and her team not only conquered the Mountain, but every powerhouse garage further up pit lane.

Bathurst 2017 is a large chapter in Betty’s incredible life story, which saw her become the first sole female team owner in Supercars history to have won the historic event.

Betty has always had a long-term plan for her team and she vows she won’t give up on taking the fight to the bigger teams. 

2020 saw the team manage to finish 5th in the Championship which Betty was incredibly proud of after the team spent over 100 days on the road away from their loved ones. 

With an all new lineup of drivers in 2021, Betty had no doubts that Will Brown and Brodie Kostecki could deliver results in what was both of their rookie seasons and she was right.

2022 sees Brown and Kostecki return with more to prove after both finishing within the top ten in their debut drivers Championship. Betty is looking forward to the year ahead and hopes to see Erebus continually battling the top of pit lane.