Hot Laps

How do I get a hot lap with the team?

You can purchase a hot lap as part of our platinum membership only.

I’m a platinum member, how do I take my hot lap?

Once our ride days are locked in, platinum members will be sent an email detailing the dates and locations. Reply with your preferred location and all you need to do from there is turn up! One month before your chosen ride day, you will receive an email detailing the time of your ride.

What if I am unable to attend the ride days scheduled?

Dates and locations for the hot laps are not negotiable and any unused member privileges or benefits will not carry over to another year and will be forfeited.

Are there any restrictions on taking a hot lap?

Passengers must be under 185cm in height and below 95kg. This is based on a height-weight ratio and passengers should fit comfortably within a size XL or smaller race suit.  Pregnant women and guests with pre-existing heart conditions and injuries (including neck/back complaints, sprains, strains and breaks) cannot take a hot lap. Passengers must be over the age of 16 to participate, and if under the age of 18, have a parent/guardian present on the day. Please ensure you meet the requirements before signing up to be a platinum member. Erebus Motorsport is not responsible for the termination of your hot lap should you not meet the requirements.

When should I arrive at the track and what do I do once I’m there?

We ask that you please arrive at the track at the time detailed in your confirmation. Once you’re there, head to the Erebus Motorsport garage and check in at the sign-in table where you will be required to fill out an indemnity form.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable and lightweight, as the race suit will be going over the top! For females, we’d recommend wearing pants/shorts over dresses/skirts. Most importantly, be sure to wear closed-toe shoes, as you won’t be getting in the car without them. The team will provide you with everything else you need; including suit, gloves and a helmet.

Can I choose which driver and/or car I ride with?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee who will be driving which car when.

How do I know which car I’ll be riding in?

The team will allocate a car on the day.

Am I allowed to take photos and/or videos?

Absolutely, there will be an area where spectators can film/photograph! It didn’t happen unless there’s proof, right? 

Can I take my camera/GoPro inside the car?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow phones, cameras, GoPro’s or any other camera/filming device in the car with you. However, we have our own device installed in the car and will give you the footage on the completion of the lap. Feel free to share to social media and tag us @erebusmsport !

Will there be any food/drinks?

Drinks and snacks are usually available throughout the day trackside. 

What happens if it rains?

A little bit of rain never hurt anybody, so your ride day will almost definitely go ahead. If there are any changes to the schedule or the ride day does not proceed due to inclement weather, breakdown, change to a track or any other circumstances, you will be notified prior to your arrival time.

Download the full Terms & Conditions here