Erebus Motorsport met with students of Scarborough Primary School to talk about life and careers in motor sport. David Reynolds and Aaren Russell shared their journey as race car drivers in the most competitive form of motor racing in Australia and gave the children the opportunity to reflect on their own aspirations.

Australia’s 2015 second runner up championship driver David Reynolds believes if one child took something positive from the talk it was worth it.

“The visit will hopefully help motivate children to take part in sport, chase their dreams and strive for their personal best”

Mrs Erica Salt, Deputy Principal of Scarborough Primary was appreciative of the talk.

“What a wonderful opportunity for our students to hear from real-life sporting heroes about realising their dreams through hard work and determination. We thank the whole team for taking the time to share their V8 Supercar journey with us and inspiring the children to strive for their very best”

Reynolds reflected on the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of laps he has done throughout his career and the effort required getting to the top.

“It was good for me to reflect and share my journey, when you live it every day you quickly forget what has gone in. We are constantly studying, training, visualising and learning. We are challenged daily and sometimes all we can hang on to is hope. To get to the top you need to be disciplined, committed and willing to listen. I enjoyed engaging with the students”.

The positive messages of hope and endeavour were reaffirmed by rookie driver Aaren Russell. This is Russell’s first year in Supercars and he expressed his desire to make it to the top.

“It’s hard work and a relentless commitment to your personal goals, growing up there are real peer pressures that you face and incredible sacrifices need to be made. As they say, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”.

Erebus Motorsport hopes the students had a memorable experience and were encouraged by David’s and Aaren’s stories.