Erebus Motorsport team owner Betty Klimenko believes racing in the Territory makes this a real national championship and acknowledges that without the governments backing it would be impossible –

“Local businesses would thrive during this time of year. I genuinely believe the economic impact during this period is influenced by Supercars and the event is world class, it’s a real credit to the Territorians commitment and I look forward to coming back next year and the year after under lights”.

Klimenko is in her fourth year in Supercars and the news of a night race in 2018 excites her as she plans for the future –

“This will be a fantastic spectacle and professionally it makes commercial sense. Our commercial and marketing team see real value in a night race. TV audiences would be up and attendances would rise. I hope other venues consider it. The minister may have also overheard me saying that a night race would suit my Sydney complexion better”.

Betty has also been humbled by the commitments of so many volunteers –

“As teams we travel throughout the world, and I am continually humbled by the commitments of so many volunteers. Without their selfless efforts there would be no racing – period”.

She continued to say – “I am constantly reminded how big the motor sport family is when I arrive to an event like this and play witness to the spectacular efforts of everyone involved, including the fans”.

Klimenko has already started planning for the future and the team is preparing to move into their new facility later this year –

“We have been moving into a new facility in Melbourne as planned and we will continue to plan for the future, however right now we have two races to focus on and the spectacular event the Territorians have put on”.