David Reynolds and Aaren Russell completed just under 2 hours of productive testing at Winton yesterday before the decision was made under Supercars testing rules to abandon the day due to inclement weather.

Under the rules teams have 2 hours after the first lap to call and end to testing, this allows the day to be rescheduled to another date. Russell’s endurance co-driver Shae Davies was also on hand but didn’t turn any laps.

While teams had the option of running again today the forecast was not favourable and General Manager Barry Ryan made the decision with the team to head back to Melbourne.

“It’s always a shame to delay valuable testing time but we can’t control Mother Nature and we needed her on our side to run through the planned program. With a short turnaround for Darwin after the test it makes sense for us to head back to the workshop and reschedule the test after the next 3 rounds.”

Despite the lack of track time Ryan was pleased with the morning’s progress. “We have effectively been testing at the race weekends and the progress made over the last two rounds in Perth and Winton has been outstanding and a credit to everyone in our team.”

“The short run we had yesterday confirmed the direction we are heading with is working and we still managed to take positives out of the day and learn so it wasn’t a loss at all.”

David Reynolds is quietly confident the speed found on the newly resurfaced Winton track will translate to Hidden Valley, itself resurfaced last year.

“Historically, Winton and Darwin require a very similar set up, if your fast at one you’re generally fast at the other. Hidden Valley is an awesome track to race on and the new top speed gives us more opportunity to pass other cars.”

The new higher top speed of 275kmh has come about after Supercars revised the gearing used at the circuit. Previously cars have hit the rev limiter down the 1.1km long front straight halting any forward progression before braking into turn 1.

“The higher top speed should allow a car following to get a small aerodynamic tow and attack under braking for turn 1,”Reynolds explained. “Hopefully we can qualify well and push forward just like we did in Winton.”

Reynolds won the Sunday race in Darwin last year famously drinking champagne from his racing boot during the podium celebrations.

The crew is now preparing the cars for the 3765km trek to Darwin for the Sky City Triple Crown on June 17 – 19. The Triple Crown, introduced in 2006, is a trophy awarded to the first driver to win both races and the Top 10 Qualifying Shootout, a feat yet to be achieved.