It’s been a fast paced six months for Erebus Motorsport V8, they have relocated nineteen hundred kilometres from their original premise to join Erebus Motorsport GT team, travelled over thirty thousand kilometres competing in seven supercar events and re-engineered a new car all in the name of glory. The Supercar teams and their drivers journey’s never end in their pursuit to be champions.

Although winning is the ultimate goal the team is being realistic for the Townsville leg of the Virgin Supercar Championship. General Manager Barry Ryan wants to keep things simple. The goal this weekend is to build on what the team learnt and achieved in Darwin. Erebus Motorsport aren’t resting on their laurels they want the ultimate prize but they understand the realities of motorsport Ryan explains –

“In our hearts and minds we are all racers, whether it’s the engineers, sponsors, team owners or drivers we ultimately want to win, however there are necessary steps to achieving podium finishes and you can’t avoid them. Hard work, persistency and a relentless commitment aren’t enough. “Everyone is working hard, we need to be patient and build on each rounds successes and failures”

In the pursuit of success Erebus Motorsport has taken on the enormous task of learning the characteristics of a new car this year adds Ryan –

“We have a great driver, David gives us a lot of feedback and we have a great team of people. We are developing the car each time we get in it. The reality is other teams have data for each track in the same cars they are racing this year. We start each weekend with a blank canvas. If you keep that in mind we are succeeding. I maintain we have a top ten car and our goal is to be consistent”.

David Reynolds knows the team is not resting on its laurels and is encouraged by their efforts to improve the car –

“After each event we analysis the data from both cars and we work together to improve the car. The team hasn’t stopped trying to make the car better, it’s encouraging for me. I get excited for each weekend as I know we will be trying something new”.

Last year Reynolds raced to two podium finishes and is looking forward to the street circuit in Townsville –

“I should have won a race or both in last year’s Townsville event. I really like this track, the atmosphere, the weather. I am confident we will be competitive this

Aaren Russell aims to maintain top 20 finishes this coming weekend and is eager to find some consistency in his driving –

“I need to be better in qualifying; in fact I need to better initially each time I get in the car as its hurting my results. I have started with a new trainer and I hope it helps. I need to remind myself this is only my 7th race in a Supercar”.