Erebus Motorsport will be flying the flag for Sam Willoughby as they tackle Mount Panorama this weekend.

Both Commodores will run Strength for 91 decals on the rear of the cars, as a tribute to the BMX rider.

Alongside an unmatched pro winning streak in USA BMX history, Willoughby has won 3 overall USA BMX National #1 Pro titles, multiple Elite Men World Titles, multiple Australian National Titles and is a two-times Olympian, winning a Silver and Gold at the last two Games.

A training accident last month in San Diego, however, left him with fractures in his C6 and C7 vertebrae and without movement below his chest.

“It’s certainly sad to hear, you don’t want that to happen to anybody,” driver David Reynolds said.

“Unfortunately, that sport can sometimes lead itself to tragic events; it sucks but that’s the risk you take.

“It’s the exact same in our sport, we’ve got a big chance of injuring ourselves but we do it because we love it.”

Willoughby has since undergone surgery, however there is still a long road to recovery and trauma to the spinal cord at this extent leaves doctors with an unknown prognosis.

He has regained use of his arms and is slowly regaining sensations in his legs, but still has no movement from his chest down.  He has recently been transported to Colorado to continue his treatment.

“It’s promising to hear he’s regained some feeling, but there is no doubting how tough the next few months will be for him,” Reynolds said.

“He’s obviously a fighter. We wish him all the best and hope to see him back on the bike again soon.”

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