They say there is one in every class. The Teacher’s Pet… Mr. Popularity… The Class Clown. Well, we may not be in the schoolyard, but Supercars is no different.

You’ve already seen his face on television, and possibly even cracking a joke around the paddock. A sign-writer by trade and a self-proclaimed foot model, Woody is more than what meets the eye.

So, before we go back for our first day, we sat him down and found out what he’s been up to during the summer break.

What have you been doing since the end of season?

DW: Re-introducing myself to my two crazy boys and even crazier wife…

What about Christmas and New Year’s? Didn’t get too rowdy?

DW: My three-year old wanted to put two beers and a big glass of port out for Santa, so I had sit up after he went to bed and finish those off; which is more alcohol than I had all year so that left me drunk for the next few days.

What was your favourite guilty pleasure over Christmas?

DW: Chocolate!!!!

Have you started thinking about the new season yet?

DW: Absolutely, I am more excited for this season than ever before.

How are you preparing yourself?

DW: I enjoy my training and rarely need motivation to train so I have been doing plenty of that, along with a few big nights in America partying for mental strength.

What’s your favourite type of training?

DW: Mountain biking and chasing my wife around the house.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

DW: Being a part of a smaller two-car team and working with Dave… And seeing Betty have a bigger line than me at autograph signings… 🤓