Summer’s over and school is finally back for another year!

The entire break was used as a way to prepare for the year ahead, and David Reynolds and Dale Wood are raring to go, after completing their first official test day today.

Reynolds managed 57 laps of the Sydney circuit, recording his fastest time of 1:29.4487 to finish the day ninth.

“Today we completed a bunch of different back to backs, so we went from the 2016 tyre to the 2017 and just noted the differences,” he said.

It was more than just switching to a new set of boots, with engineer and driver combos forced to have a rethink about the cars.

“Each new evolution of the tyre not massively different, but enough to make you think about the car set up,” Reynolds said.

“We’ve still got a lot of development items in these two cars that we don’t really understand yet so it’s good to get some information and feedback.

“I know Dale is capable and he’s right up to speed straight away, it’s going to be a really good year and I’m looking forward to learning off my teammate.”

Wood settled nicely into his new home, coming to grips with his Holden.

“This morning I was just trying to get comfortable in the car, but by the end of the day it was feeling like it was something I had driven for a while,” he said.

The #99 driver scraped in just one tenth behind his teammate, a 1:29.5171 cementing tenth on the time sheets.

“It’s nice to finish the day where we did; we had a few teething issues with the car but we got all that stuff sorted and were able to start running on the new spec tyre during the afternoon’s session.

“It’s hard to know where you really stand as everyone is running different tyres and different test plans and strategies but I’m really happy in the car.

“It’s good to be close to Dave because we know he can do the job in these cars and hopefully the two of us can keep helping each other move forward from here.”

Co-driver Luke Youlden was also present, and turned laps during the afternoon session.

“Today wasn’t about the co-drivers so I didn’t have a lot of laps but it was good to get in the car and get a good taste; the car is obviously strong,” Youlden said.

The team now have a busy schedule ahead of the Clipsal 500 next week.