Erebus Motorsport has gone the extra step in preparing for this year’s Supercars Championship, with the purchase of a Motionforce1 Performance Simulator.


With increasing popularity amongst other categories of motorsport, the program improves speed, endurance, concentration, race strategy and car set-up skills.
“Being prepared is everything in all forms of motorsport and in particular Supercars,” Erebus Motorsport’s General Manager of Motorsport, Barry Ryan, said.


“Limited testing and track time calls for some alternative thinking and by making this investment we aim to improve both our driver and engineering preparations prior to events.


“After many conversations with MR Driver Development and Motionforce1 Simulators, we have decided this will be another step forward.”


The program will help drivers memorise a circuit by repeating visual cues, which can translate to better positions on the track.


Advancements in motion integrated systems also allows drivers to experience every bump, turn and slide.


“We also have plans to grow our Academy program and to also get our commercial partners involved in experiencing some racing simulation activities that will be second to none,” Ryan said.


Driver Anton De Pasquale will be using the simulator as part of his training regimen ahead of the season opener.


“Having a simulator that replicates the real thing as close as it can is beneficial to myself and the team as a whole,” De Pasquale said.


“I had a drive last year and the feedback through the wheel and pedals are pretty spot on; it’s a very good simulation.


“Preparing for each event in terms of miles and concentration levels can only help, and for myself, there’s a handful of tracks I haven’t been to, or been in a Supercar, so there’s a lot I will be able to learn.


“I will be spending a lot of time on the simulator to be as prepared as possible, and to hopefully go to new places I haven’t been before but have some familiarity.”


MR Driver Development’s Team Prinicipal, Andy McElrea, also commented; “We are proud to partner with Erebus Motorsport.”


“The team will be using the simulator to further enhance the performance of their drivers and engineers, in addition to developing new talent, and we look forward to working with them.”


Erebus Motorsport will launch plans linked to their Academy program, as well as an e-Racing Series in the coming months.