The Adelaide 500 is just over a month away, and even though the off-season might seem like an eternity, we’ve got plenty on our plates. Cars to prepare, two test days to complete, plus all the other bits and pieces to ensure we show up looking the part in March. If you’re struggling to fill in the time and find yourself twiddling your thumbs, then here’s how you can get revved up in the meantime…


  1. Re-live Bathurst. What better reason to invite your mates around, have a barbeque and watch us conquer the Mountain? With the race taking a whopping 7h 11m 45s to complete, that’ll get you one day closer to Adelaide.


  1. Clean out your wardrobe. A new year means new uniform, and that goes for you too. Clean out any of those clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for a while – of course that doesn’t include any old team gear, that stuff will always be in style. We’re just telling you to make some space for our 2018 team kit.


  1. Stalk us. We don’t want you to conduct a stakeout, but give our channels a follow. With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there will be plenty of news, pictures and videos to keep you busy over the off-season.


  1. Block out your calendar. With an extra event thrown in this year, it’s sure going to be a busy one. So what better time to make sure everything’s in your calendar and you’re not going to miss a beat.


  1. Book your holidays. While the calendar’s out, why not? If you’re planning on doing the whole show, or have dreamt of going to Bathurst your entire life, there’s no better time to start planning. Put in your annual leave, find a cool place to stay and jump over to the Virgin website.


  1. Organise your man cave. Or girl cave. With all the Bathurst memorabilia you would have bought, it’s time to start figuring out a place to put it.


  1. Join the Club. 2018 memberships aren’t far away so go and empty out the piggy bank and find all your loose change, as you won’t want to miss out!


  1. Start a tipping comp. Why not get your mates together and add some fuel to the fire? Nothing gets a rivalry going more than some of your hard-earned cash. Each participant selects who they think will finish on the podium in each of this year’s races, with points awarded for getting it right. At the end of the season, the person with the most points wins!


  1. Tune into the 12-Hour. Bathurst Champions David Reynolds and Luke Youlden will both be lining up (separately this time), as well as our newest member of the team, Will Brown. It’s just a matter of choosing who you’re barracking for.