Erebus Motorsport will be well-hydrated this year, announcing Alka Power as a partner for this year’s Supercars Championship.

Alka Power is the source of Australia’s first ionic active mineral alkaline bottled water and has the proper pH 9-10 to sustain maximum hydration.

CEO Steve Pettaras said it was the team’s like mindedness and drive to succeed that caught his attention.

“Their David and Goliath story really spoke to us, and we wanted the team to have the advantage of our water,” he said.

“Like the team, we have been pushing above our weight division with the big corporate beverage companies  to provide Australia’s first true high pH alkaline water.

“Others throw millions into advertising and promotions, yet we have the success in being ranged nationally in Woolworth’s, Go Vita and other retailers.”

Alka Power has distinguished themselves in an extremely tough market by maintaining the quality of their alkaline water from the time of bottling until the time it’s consumed.

It’s active minerals aid in detoxifying the body and helps bring it back to a healthier balance, while also efficiently hydrating. Most bottled waters are on the acidic side of the pH scale and offer little to no hydration.

Team Owner Betty Klimenko added: “We met Steve by chance and the relationship formed from there.

“It’s brilliant to meet people that are so passionate about what they do and providing the best for their customer.”