Erebus Motorsport has confirmed one of the most versatile products in the global motorsport arena, Supashock, has been working with them behind the scenes.

Erebus recruited the Adelaide-based company for suspension development of their Commodores with the devision a no brainer, says Head of Engineering, Alistair McVean.

“The Supashock dampers exhibit different response characteristics compared to other dampers, which enables us to develop a better compromise between the driver’s requirements for feel from the dampers and the suspension compliance needed to maintain tyre grip,” he said.

“This is something that is fundamental to the way the damper works and cannot be tuned in to other dampers and hence is why we use them exclusively.”

Utilising technology derived from their Formula 1 damper, Supashock’s developments have resulted in a product with fast force response times, low hysteresis, low weight and increased thermal stability.

“We really appreciate their support and are excited about the potential to extract more lap speed from the damping throughout the season,” McVean said.

Supashock’s Director Oscar Fiorinotto has been delighted with the relationship and the team’s development over the past two seasons.

“We’re very proud of our partnership with Erebus and are excited with the results,” Fiorinotto said.

“We look forward to building on the strong relationship we have established with Erebus in the future.”