Reaction from David and Anton following the first qualifying session of the season in Adelaide.


DAVID REYNOLDS, Position: 5th, 1:20.4195

“I was feeling a bit apprehensive going into it after the first practice sessions. We spent a lot of time on the 2017 tyre and it was playing with my head a bit but I was much better when we put the new tyre on.

“We got off to a good start and was on my fastest lap when the red flag come out, which if I had have finished that lap it would have put us a few tenths quicker, which is looking at the front row. To make the shootout is great, P5 is probably the best I have qualified here in a long time so I’m certainly happy with that. Tomorrow’s race is going to be hard so we’ll give it a red hot go at going better in tomorrow’s Shootout.”


ANTON DE PASQUALE, Position: 21st, 1:21.1342

“Today has been really exciting, with the season now officially started. Qualifying was the first time I have had multiple sets of tyres in one go so that was like Christmas had come early for me.

“The car definitely got better throughout the day and was good in patches, but putting it all together was a bit difficult so that’s what I’ll be working on before Sunday’s qualifying. There are a couple things that we are leaning towards changing before tomorrow which will also make it better; it’s a long weekend ahead so we’ll try get the best result we can.”