Erebus Motorsport has thrown their support behind Holden’s decision to postpone development of its V6 Supercars engine and are happy to be sticking with the current V8.


The announcement came this morning from Holden after speaking closely with the teams involved.


“We’re all in favour of the category moving forward and doing what is best for the sport, but at this stage we are comfortable staying with the V8 for the foreseeable future,” Erebus Motorsport’s General Manager Barry Ryan said.


Erebus had always intended to stick with V8 power instead of switching next season, with teams permitted to run either engine configuration.


“We made that decision early on, we need to work out the best way forward before we just jump in.


“For our team in particular there have been a lot of changes in the last few years and we’re in a good position at the moment.


“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it; we don’t need to change it and we’re happy with our current package.”


Team Owner Betty Klimenko also commented: “it was a great idea, and it was logical, but we’re just not ready for it.”


“It was a realistic decision by Holden, especially for us as we need to concentrate on the current package we have before committing to anything new.”