Erebus Motorsport is looking to earn as many points as possible, as driver David Reynolds sits second heading into the Tasmania SuperSprint this weekend.

Reynolds won Race 6 of the Championship at Albert Park just two weeks ago, the team’s first win of the year.

“It’s great to be second in the Championship this early on, and it’s the furthest up the points score I’ve been at this point, but we need to stay there.”

“We’ve won a race, which should have been two, so we just need to make sure we keep getting them.”

Reynolds says the key to doing well will be in qualifying, given the Championship is so tight, with hundredths of a second often separating the front cars.

“Qualifying is the key to any weekend, if you can qualify up the front you will generally set yourself up for a good result.”

The team unlocked their one-lap speed at Sandown last year, and the #9 has qualified inside the top ten in all races bar one since then.

It will be more important than ever this weekend with three 10-minute, knock-out style sessions to determine the grid for both races.

“We’ll be looking to pull everything from previous experience in a bid to walk away with maximum points,” Reynolds said.

“Last year we finished fourth and fifth, hopefully we can start up the front and race up there.”

Teammate Anton De Pasquale will also put his best foot forward, returning to a track where he has previous success.

“I competed here last year in Super2 and won in Formula Ford back in 2013,” he said.

“It’s a very challenging circuit, it’s only small and if you make a mistake it can be costly, but if you put it all together it can also be rewarding.

“Coming off the back off AGP we’ll be trying to replicate what we did there in the last qualifying.

“If we can achieve tenth as a minimum and convert it into a top ten race result that would be good, and that’s what we’re aiming for.”