The weekend threw up its fair share of well, just about everything. There were highs, as well as lows, but overall we can be proud to walk away with two top ten finishes, a top fifteen for Anton, and a heap of points for our Championship contention.

Look back at our most magical moments, brought to you by  

The Apple Isle made for a beautiful backdrop.

Holden badges got switched for this beauty, and boy, did they look good!

Anton was all smiles to return to a happy hunting ground.

Blink and you might miss it!

Something caught David’s attention.

The fans came out to see us on Sunday.

Even Nick Percat…

The new Qualifying format was given the big tick of approval.

The slowest corner on the calendar made for a spectacular shot!

No, he wasn’t sitting down on the job, David just took a moment to relax ahead of Sunday’s big race.