We love a trip to New Zealand – there’s good wine, a nice country side, plenty of sheep and even Lord of the Rings. Before making the trip over the Tasman though, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Kiwi slang.


Pull on your jandals, pop some beers in the chilly bin and watch the boy-racers go ‘round. Didn’t understand a word?


Gencom, our official wireless communications partner, have been on top of their game for almost 40 years, and thanks to them we can be too. Here’s a few things you might need to know…


  • Kia Ora – An informal Māori greeting that a lot of Kiwis use every day meaning “be healthy”, and can be used to say hello, thank you, or goodbye.


  • Chur – It can be used in many different ways, sometimes with another work or even by itself. It means anything from sweet, awesome, yeah, good, cool and cheers.


  • Jandals – In other words flip flops, thongs or sandals.


  • Chilly bin – An insulated box used to keep your food and beverages cold, otherwise known as an esky.


  • Choice – Similar to chur, it can mean awesome, great, excellent and thanks.


  • Dairy – If you’re asked to pop down to the ‘dairy’, they’re not suggesting you milk a cow, but referring to the convenience store.


  • Boy-racer – Usually a young person in a fast car with the stereo cranked up, although this weekend we’ll leave the racing to the professionals.