Sixteen events down and we’re breaking up for the season. That means a desperate race against time to catch the team for a quick download.

Luckily, we managed to grab Dave before he switched his mobile phone off and heads for whatever luxurious holiday he’s chosen…


It’s summer holidays. What are you planning?

DR: “I have a few sponsor commitments up until the week of Christmas and then I am travelling around the world! I’ll be in Albury for Christmas and we leave Boxing Day for overseas. Tahan and I are going skiing in the French Alps for a week, we’ll spend New Years in the snow which is cool; then we go to Amsterdam with Betty and Daniel for a week, then Bahamas on the way back for another week. A lot of flying but it will be really good, I never really leave home for more than week, so this will be the longest time I’ve ever been away from home.”


How would you summarise your season?

DR: “Personally I think it’s been the greatest season I’ve ever had; both with the results, and the up and down moments we’ve shared. This year we have won more races we ever have, been on pole more times and been on the podium more than ever. We didn’t win the biggest prize and we should have but at the end of the day without it, we’ve still had our best year ever. The best thing is we keep evolving and getting better and better.”


Speaking of those up and down moments, have you learnt a lot this year?

DR: “Every year we are leaning, whether we win, lose or draw we are always learning; to better yourself, to better your position, to better your team. You never stand still and think it’s all done, otherwise you are going to get swallowed up. Tailem Bend, SMP night race and Bathurst were all learning experiences for us and we can better from next year.”


You had three wins, a total of nine podiums, and five pole positions. Which was the most enjoyable for you?

DR: “Probably Bathurst pole, my car was just amazing! It would be my favourite pole because that’s the biggest one; Anton was third and backed up how strong our team was there and it was a very good feeling. My favourite podium is Phillip Island or Perth, even though we finished second in both of those races, it showed our teams ability to improve the car and our performance. Each Saturday we weren’t so flash and we made changes Sunday and turned it around and gave ourselves a chance to win the race. That’s a very rare thing, you know you’re in a good team and have smart people around you when they can achieve that.”


Your #1 Mechanic Brad mentioned there is nothing better than seeing you happy out of the car, could you say the same for the team?

DR: “How cool is that! I think teams work in reciprocal relationships. If they’re happy I’m happy, if I’m happy they’re happy. Generally when I’m happy I know I’ve done the best job I could, whether we finish first, or fourth. It’s a team effort too! My crew put in a lot of hard work on and off the track and I race for them. I try and showcase their ability the best I can, I try and give them results.”


You have a new team-mate in Anton. How has that gone this year?

DR: “He is one of the fastest rookies ever to come into the sport! He has the ability and the potential to be a Champion in the future. He outqualifies where he should be as far as his experience goes. With more experience he will race better and be a Champion in the future.”


Lastly, like a new year’s resolution, have you set some more goals for next year?

DR: “The start of this year we were in the championship hunt and we lost our way midseason, if we start the year very strong there is a possibility we can go for the Championship next year or stay in the hunt until the end. Our goal is to continuously improve and get better each time we are on track, I think we’ve done that so far and can continue it onto next year.”