31 races, 16 events and his first season under his belt – the run from the start of the season to Christmas break has been a tale of rapid progression for our rookie.

Anton has showed plenty of promise and we caught up with him before he headed off for a well-deserved break…


Anton, how would you sum up your first year? It seems to have gone really fast!
ADP: “My first year was very exciting, the first few rounds especially! It was a bit overwhelming, where you are and who you’re racing against, then I started to get more comfortable and the results started to get better. Overall it was really cool, it was a dream come true.”


You’ve passed 30 race starts already. How does that feel?

ADP: “Next year I now know what to expect. I’ve raced at each track now, I know the car really well, and I can head into first round so much more prepared than this year, and that should also mean better results too.”


Do you know your goals change then for next year?

ADP: “Goals are always changing. You try to set goals that are achievable but also aim higher while doing that.”


Away from the track, we’ve had you do some pretty cool things too. What’s been the most memorable?

ADP: “The best fun we had away from the track was a Snap-on Tools day where we went paint balling and go karting, that was a lot of fun. Otherwise, it would be the drivers parade at Adelaide, being my first one. The entire crowd cheering and carrying on, it was pretty meaningful, you only do something for the first time once.”


Bathurst was pretty mega; how would you describe it?

ADP: “Going into the year you assume Bathurst will be the coolest week of the year and it was exactly that. You get there early and the week is full of commitments and that part itself was really cool. You watch it for 15 years and to actually be part of the event is surreal. Once that stopped and we got on track, it was more than what I expected. Our cars were really fast, we had a great week even though not the end result we wanted. The shootout was the highlight of the whole year.”


Tell us more about the Shootout.

ADP: “When I did the lap there wasn’t much thinking going on, I just did a normal lap. My time felt good, but I didn’t think we were fast enough for where I ended up. When I saw Garth’s time and I was a fair way ahead of him, then Waters and so on, I started to get nervous and I thought ‘this might end up pretty good’ and it did.”


Lastly, what are your plans for the summer?

ADP: “That’s a great question and one I don’t know the answer to. I have no holidays planned but I’ll spend summer in Melbourne, it’s a good place to be this time of year; keep in shape, enjoy the break and try get as ready as I can for next year.”