An update from the opening practice at Adelaide as the team get their season underway.

Youngster Anton De Pasquale outshone the lot and clocked the fastest time in the opening session of 2019.

He flew the flag for the team, although teammate David Reynolds was right on his tail in fourth.



“First practice was good; it was quite late, so it was a good indication for qualifying tomorrow. The track will keep improving though so we should see some quicker times by tomorrow afternoon.


“We were reasonably speedy straight out the gate which I found surprising. We started the sessions in a reasonable window but went the wrong way half way through. We put new tyres on but didn’t have time to reverse the change so that was the best time I could get out of it. With the original set-up we started with I think we could have done a better job. Anton went a different way and he was fast; either way P1 and P4 is a good way to start the year.”


“It’s good to start the year on a high and I think it’s the first time I have topped a session. It’s good for the boys and girls to give us confidence going into the season.It’s only early days, the first session of the year but good to start on a high. There’s still a fair bit to come before Saturday and Sunday so we’ll take it as it comes and try improve before then.


“Last year we qualified pretty well most of the time, so our one lap speed was always good, but we raced a little bit backwards sometimes. This year I want to focus on moving forward and make sure we finish inside the top ten, which we’re capable of with our car speed.”