Barry Ryan has become a partner in Erebus Motorsport’s Supercars outfit, buying a share of one of the team’s Racing Entitlement Contracts.

With over three years at the helm of the Melbourne squad, Ryan has taken a 50-percent stake in the entry currently raced by second-year driver Anton De Pasquale.

“I am happy to announce Barry as my new partner and co-owner of car #99,” Klimenko said.

“I am proud of what Barry and I have achieved in Supercars over the past three and a half years.

“We are stronger and wiser together and I couldn’t think of a better partner.”

The deal was initially done in March, though was not made official until this week.

“We had to wait for some paperwork to be finalised, but he’s now truly joined the dark side.

“We both believe in the direction we are heading, and it was always part of the long-term plan.”

Ryan was enlisted to boost the team’s fortunes in 2015, having already worked full-time on their GT program.

His almost two-decades of motorsport experience helped lead the team to their 2017 Bathurst win and current rise in Supercars.

“It’s a huge leap of faith for Betty to trust and have faith in me investing into being a 50% shareholder in one of her REC’s,” Ryan said.

“Betty has been a proud sole owner of her REC’s for her whole time in Supercars and I am honoured that she has asked me to be her partner.

“It enables me to cement myself in the Erebus Motorsport business and Supercars for the long term.”

Though a central change, Ryan says there won’t be much difference in his daily role.

“My day to day does not change, I have always treated Betty’s business like my own,” he said.

“This does though put a whole new perspective on knowing I have “skin in the game” to ensure Erebus Motorsport and Supercars are stable and working on the long-term plan.”

The team head to Townsville next week for round eight of the Championship.