The Erebus Academy and Sera Driver Development have again partnered to deliver a comprehensive driver development program, launching their Karts to Cars initiative.

Karts to Cars will see young drivers receive support while they forge their motorsport careers beyond go karting.

“David Sera, Anton (De Pasquale) and I first discussed this concept to see how we could help young drivers’ best transition into car racing,” Erebus CEO Barry Ryan said.

“We wanted to help this transition by utilising our simulator, experienced staff and professional drivers, as well as Paul Morris and Norwell Motorplex’s driver training centre.”

Six students spent time at Erebus’ headquarters in Dandenong this week, coming to grips with the shift on the team’s Motionforce1 Simulator.

Supercars star Anton De Pasquale, who has been an integral part of the program, spearheaded the operation.

“The time on the simulator allowed us to gauge their understanding of driving a car and their reactions to situations in a controlled environment before they take on the real-world,” De Pasquale said.

“It gives us a better indication of where they are at and covers off some basics before we hit the track.”

The program now moves to Norwell Motorplex on the Gold Coast, where students will take part in two days of on-road training on July 9 and 10.

“We want to provide them an understanding of what they need to do to drive the car properly and why they are doing it,” Ryan said.

“Understanding why you do what you do and when to do it is what makes the best drivers better than average ones.”

Drivers not only obtain the motorsport basics by competing on the race track; those in the program will also receive additional training, mentorship and education.

“We aim to help shape these and other young drivers career paths and also help their support groups by providing advice utilising the many years of experience we have within our group.

“This is just the start and we hope to continue with advanced programs beyond this which we will launch in the future.”

After a successful intake, Erebus Academy and Sera Driver Development are now taking interest for additional events.