It has only taken a week from concept to supply, and now Erebus Motorsport’s e-aerosol box is ready for distribution.

20 protective perspex boxes designed in conjunction with Supercars Medical Delegate Dr Carl to protect health care workers from infected patients, will be shipped out to hospitals and health care institutions today.

“We want to make sure we are in a better position than overseas, so we are doing all we can to ensure we are ready if and when the worst hits,” Erebus Motorsport’s CEO Barry Ryan said.

“I sent out an email to Supercars and all its team owners last week and we really appreciate the response of people wanting to jump on board and help where they can.”

Joining the team in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is Team CoolDrive.

“CoolDrive is an automotive parts distribution business with a network all around Australia so we offered to help,” Team Owner Tim Blanchard said.

“We are starting today. Barry is dropping them off to the main depot and the first lot are going out today to Hobart, Adelaide and Ballarat for doctors to sample.

“We will continue to send them out, starting at the main office in Melbourne then we’ll shift to our 30 branches and we’ll use our 70 vans to distribute from there.

“We’re an Australian family business and we wanted to do something to help Australians and help another Aussie business get this done.

“Working together, helping each other out, is what it’s all about.”

Health care workers from South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria will all sample the box, while a second prototype is already underway.

The additional box, which will possibly serve as a better option for Ambulance and Royal Flying Doctor services, is a do-it-yourself flatpack design.

“Space is a premium in these situations and beds are smaller than what they are in the hospitals, so we had to make something that would suit their needs and their space restrictions,” Ryan said.

“We now want to get this out to those who need it for trial and feedback.”

Health care organisation representatives can request a trial of the products by emailing the team on

The team’s final prototype of the e-mask has also been completed with them now in trial.