Erebus Motorsport’s Will Brown has finished his run at Mount Panorama in second, taking the last place on the podium on today’s race.

Will scored his second pole in just as many races, making it an all Image Racing front row, with his teammate Jordan Boys right by his side.

Boys got the better start of the pair leading into Turn 1 and Will slotted into second. The run came to a halt quickly though as a starting grid incident saw the Safety Car deployed as the leaders reached Skyline for the first time.

Racing resumed on lap three and Will was quick to put pressure on Boys for the lead. As they headed down Conrod Straight for the fifth time, Will went for a move on Boys but locked the front brakes and ran off the road and back to fifth.

Thomas Randle was the beneficiary of the skirmish and took the lead, with Boys now in third.

An incident at the Dipper then called the second Safety Car and bunched the field back up for a short run to the checkered flag. When the lights went out for the final time Brown was determined to make up for his mistake and passed Matt Chahda for fourth.

A lap later Will got past his teammate with a clean pass and set about catching the front two. With the race running time certain due to the Safety Car interventions, Will was unable to make any more moves and had to settled behind Thomas Randle and Jayden Ojeda.

Will Brown commented: “Unfortunately, I ballsed it up. I am pretty disappointed in myself after a great start for Image Racing with 1-2. We were running first and second and I had pace over Jordan and probably could have waited a little while. I thought the car was good and the move was on, but I made a mistake and didn’t commit hard enough. I went deeper than I thought and locked up, I didn’t tag him, but Jordan released the brake and we both ran off and I went down to sixth.

“It was a good comeback to third. We had great pace this weekend. I have never had a pole position in Super 2 before, so it was cool to get two this weekend, and also a race win. I think we could have won the weekend overall, so I am disappointed we couldn’t achieve that, but it was still a great weekend. It’s also a great boost of confidence heading into tomorrow and I hope we can have a good crack at the big one.”