Two members of the Australian Army will be present at next weekend’s The Bend SuperSprint, after Erebus Motorsport welcomed its new roll of soldiers earlier this year.

Craftsmen Michael McGrath and Maddison Kaindl were positioned full-time with the team in January as part of the Australian Army’s Army in Motion program.

The program is designed to help personnel gain experience in the high-pressure world of motor racing.

After the success of last year’s placement, Erebus CEO Barry Ryan is pleased to see the partnership continue.

“Our ongoing relationship with the Australian Army is one we are extremely proud of,” he said.

“It has grown from strength to strength over the years and we want to ensure they learn as much from us, as we learn from them.

“Courage, initiative, respect and teamwork are the Australian Army’s core values and values we’ve taken on board and have contributed to our success.”

McGrath, a diesel mechanic by trade, is looking forward to getting the most out of his experience with the team.

“It’s been an eye opening experience already, there’s nothing that I could compare it to within defence,” he said.

“All of the things that happen behind the scenes have been really interesting and goes to show how hard the team actually works.

“I really want to get the most out of this opportunity while I can. 12 months seems like a long time but it’s already gone very quick.”

Kaindl, who has been with the Army for four years, is proud to have the opportunity to continue chasing her passion and represent women in a male dominated sport.

“I think more girls should take on mechanical roles,” she said.

“My dad was a vehicle mechanic in the Army and I really like the idea of females being self sufficient.

“I chose the posting because I knew of Betty and I think it’s really great to work for a sports team that’s owned by the only female in such a male dominated industry.”

2021 marks the sixth year since the partnership between Erebus Motorsport and the Army began.

Both soldiers will be with the team at next weekend’s The Bend SuperSprint, May 8 – 9.