Erebus Motorsport boss Barry Ryan says his team remain positive and committed to the rollout of Gen3, despite today’s earlier announcement from Supercars.

While Erebus confirmed earlier this week that they will run General Motors machinery next year, Supercars has today confirmed that Gen3 is now targeted for inclusion in the Supercars Championship in August 2022.

The postponement comes after challenges with international supply chains and ongoing domestic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the decision has been made to ensure a seamless introduction of the new platform at that time.

“Erebus Motorsport wholly supports Supercars’ timeline for the Gen3 introduction,” Erebus CEO Barry Ryan said.

The additional time will be used wisely, with thorough testing prior to introduction, particularly with key items such as brakes and engines.

“We will continue to work closely with Supercars to ensure our new Camaro’s are aligned to the fastest and most efficient timeline for testing prior to their racing introduction next August.

“Camaro is our future and we look forward to showing our partners and fans our cars in 2022.”