Since we last spoke to Barry back in July it’s fair to say a lot has happened. The race team went through another lockdown before some time back on the road, ultimately ending the season on a high.

With a stack of podiums up their sleeves, including a race win, we thought we would catch up with the boss before he knocks off for the break.


How would you rate this season and why?

BR: I would rate our season an 8/10. Overall we saw some great results but we still had too many little issues with pit stops and some small reliability issues. To get a 10, you need to be perfect and to get a 9, you’d need to be very close to perfect. 


A lot has happened over the past year. Where have you seen the biggest improvements? 

BR: The biggest improvement I’ve seen this year is teamwork and how well we have been working together has been reflected in our results.


The team saw some great results early on but the back half of the season was definitely a standout. What do you think that came down to?

BR: Really what it came down to was hard work and a consolidated effort by the team to improve in all areas. We made the most of the long break between rounds and treated it like an off season. 


Are there particular moments you have been most proud of?

BR: There are several moments I have been really proud of this year and no performance can be ranked higher than another in my mind. Brodie’s shootout at the season opener, his Sandown podium and when he helped Will at SMSP 2 to get a podium. Then obviously Will got his first race win in Sydney and provisional pole at Bathurst. Both of the driver’s performances in the Bathurst 1000 Shootout were outstanding and then of course Brodie and Dave’s Bathurst podium. They were all fantastic moments, and all evidence of the team working in complete unity together. Seeing the team also rebound and work together to nail the pitstop that led to Will’s win was really rewarding for the crew, especially after all of the previous issues.


What has the team learnt this year that they’ll be taking into 2022?

BR: Teamwork is everything and making sure we’re working together in every aspect will ensure that we keep moving forward and continue to see some good results in 2022. 


Next year sees Boost Mobile as the team’s naming rights sponsor, how important is that for you and the team?

BR: Having a team with two cars the same for us visually represents that we are united. It’s also been great to be able to combine the Erebus brand into the team name to keep our identity. Boost Mobile Racing powered by Erebus sounds pretty powerful to me. 


Lastly, we now break up for three weeks. How will the team be spending the off season?

BR: Hopefully everyone will enjoy some family time and relaxation but knowing most of our team, no one will stop thinking and planning how to win more races in 2022. I know I will not stop, my brain will be working overtime.