After an attention-grabbing co-drive at Bathurst in 2020, Brodie Kostecki was given the call up to the main game alongside Erebus Motorsport for the 2021 Supercars season. 

He managed to secure three podium finishes on debut, including at this year’s Bathurst 1000. We caught up with him before he head off on summer break…


2021 was your debut in the maingame, how would you say it went?

BK: We definitely had a lot of ups and downs from the start to the end of the season. We were really trying to focus on being more consistent and we started to really show that going into Sydney. We carried fast cars all throughout the back half of the season which was really cool. 


When you look back at your expectations from the start of the season, would you say you met those goals?

BK: I’ve always set pretty high expectations for myself, you never go into a season wanting to finish at the back. I was really trying to get a race win this year and even though we didn’t quite tick that off the list, it was great to see Will get his first win and to get a couple of podiums myself was great.


If you were told at the start of the season that you’d finish 9th in the Championship, do you think you would have believed it?

BK: I definitely would have believed it. At the start of the year we made a list of where we wanted to be and where we thought we could be and we were pretty much right on the money. There was no real doubt from the team side or from myself that we could finish inside the top 10 for the year. 


When were you most proud of yourself this season and why?

BK: I’d say the Sandown round at the start of the year. To be able to get a podium so early in the season and get the monkey off my back was really cool. It helped me focus throughout the rest of the season without the pressure of wanting a podium. 


You know your way around a car pretty well, including the technical aspects, so how beneficial was it to have an engineer with as much experience as George?

BK: It was great to have George this year. We got along really well from the start and we had a really good year together. We worked really hard on trying to get the cars more consistent and faster. We think a lot alike, we both want to win so working together has been a great year. 


Coming into this year as a rookie, was it beneficial to have your teammate in the same position? 

BK: Having two rookies in the team seemed a bit far-fetched at that start from other people’s point of view but I don’t think this year could have gone any better. I think it was good to have two new drivers with no egos or anything like that coming into the team who just wanted to go racing and be competitive. Both Will and I are very competitive, we’re very like minded in the way which I think pushed us both. We really tried to build together.


What sort of expectations do you have now heading into 2022?

BK: My expectations for next year are very high. We made a big step between Townsville and Sydney with the cars which we were able to showcase throughout Sydney and going into Bathurst so I’m very excited going into next year. I definitely don’t put anything out of the picture. It should be a really exciting year for us and hopefully we can finish in the top 3 in the Championship and be really strong contenders.