After yesterday saw Race 2 called off due to a four car pile-up on the opening lap, Erebus Academy drivers Jobe Stewart, Bailey Sweeny, Harry Gray and Holly Espray were keen to get back on track for Race 3.

Jobe, Bailey and Harry were all starting in the top ten, sitting in P4, P5 and P10 respectively, while Holly started 11 spots higher than her original qualifying position in P16. Off the start line, both Jobe and Holly managed to gain three positions, while Sweeny moved down to P7.

Unfortunately Harry’s race was cut short after being hit in the side by Shah before the end of lap one. After sustaining heavy damage, he managed to get his car back to the pits but was unable to finish the race.

Managing to avoid a safety car, Jobe began a two lap tussle with Gibbons with the pair continually swapping between third and fourth. Meanwhile, Bailey was looking to take advantage of the battle between Casha and Dalton and managed to slot between them for P6.

After putting down fast, clean laps, Holly had managed to work her way up four positions to P12 by lap 3. Unfortunately, Bailey couldn’t hold on as Casha and Dalton continued to battle and dropped back to P7 where he remained until he crossed the line three laps later.

Jobe continued to trek ahead, pushing for P2 throughout lap three before taking a dive at turn one and securing second by lap four. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold on and dropped two positions as those around him continued to battle.

The action didn’t stop there, with Jobe fighting right up until the finish line hoping to secure the final podium position. Although he was close, he couldn’t quite get there and crossed the line in P4.
Although the weekend saw many ups and downs for the Academy drivers, each of them showed great pace and are now looking ahead to 2022.