After signing a multi year deal with Erebus Motorsport back in 2019, Will Brown finally made the step up into the main game for the 2021 Supercars season. 

The year was highly successful for Will, who managed to secure three podium finishes including his first win.


How would you summarise your season?

WB: It was an awesome first season, I think it’s been fantastic. The results we achieved are even better than I thought they could be at the start of the season. It’s always a great thing when you can beat your goals, it’s been a massive positive. By the second or third round, we had shown that we had the pace to be up the front but the consistency from myself and the team has continued to improve massively.


You and your engineer Tom were both considered rookies, what impact do you think that had on your relationship?

WB: It was great for myself and Tom to start off together. We both knew we were fresh and that we could work really well together without putting too much pressure on each other so it’s been a great relationship all year. We’ve had some ups and downs but we’ve definitely shown that we can run up the front and do a really good job.


Brodie was also a rookie this year. How beneficial was it having a teammate who was in the same position as yourself?

WB: I learned massively from Brodie, he’s obviously extremely switched on from an engineering point of view and from that I’ve been able to learn heaps from him. It’s been fantastic to have another rookie next to me. I know a lot of people say that it’s better to have an older driver to train you up but I feel like having a rookie next to me has pushed me. It’s given me that drive to want to try and beat each other, while also trying to help each other out so I think it’s been a massive bonus. 


If you were told at the start of the season that you’d finish 8th in the Championship, do you think you would have believed it?

WB: To be honest, I probably could have believed it based on what the team has done in the past. I always thought top ten in the Championship would be achievable if I drove really well so I’m obviously very happy to finish 8th and probably a little bit surprised as well. From a driver’s point of view, I know I’m a good driver and can get the job done and I know the team is capable. 


Now that the Championship is over, how will you be spending the off season?

WB: I’ll be working at the family dealership at Cars Galore and having a nice, relaxing Christmas break. I’ll also be getting prepared for another really big season in 2022, I’m already looking forward to getting back into it. 


Speaking of 2022, what sort of expectations do you have for the year?

WB: I’m not sure if I want to put an exact number on it but I just want to improve from where we are. I think that the top five in the Championship is pretty set but if we could make it close to that top five, that would be awesome.