Boost Mobile Racing powered by Erebus flexed their muscles in last night’s opening round of the Supercars Eseries, with both drivers taking podiums in their respective races.


Reigning All Stars Champion Brodie Kostecki took a very convincing victory, while Jarrad ‘Fuelcell’ Filsell just missed out with a very close second place in the Pro Series.



Starting from the front row, Jarrad got a great start and won the run down to the first complex. Dayne  Warren who started from pole, didn’t give up easily though, rubbing up the Boost Mobile Commodore as the pair moved betweens turns 1 and 2.


It left a lot of damage to the left-side of the Holden though Jarrad didn’t budge and stretched out his lead before Warren stopped as early as lap 5.


Jarrad reacted quickly, pitting the next lap for what was sure to be a tight rejoin. Warren unfortunately  got the undercut, as Jarrad squeezed out just behind his Commodore, now in P2.


With good race pace Jarrad never gave up on getting back his lead and was right on Warren’s tail up until the very end. Unable to pass on the notoriously tricky track, Jarrad finished 2nd and just 0.3-seconds behind Warren once the checkered flag fell on lap 17.



Brodie picked up right where he left off last season, qualifying 0.2-seconds faster than the next best and securing the first pole position of the Eseries.


The #99 pilot got the perfect start though went too deep into turn 1 which left him vulnerable for the exit of turn 2, falling back behind Justin Ruggier.


Brodie attempted an overtake that same lap, though redressed following contact and waited for the perfect time to take his lead back.


Four laps later he got the job done, making a move down the inside of Turn 10 stick; Ruggier reacting quickly and opting to pit at the end of that lap.


With all drivers needing to take their compulsory pit stops before the end of lap 8, Brodie opted to hold out until the end of that window to take his four fresh tyres.


It was another close rejoin though this time it was the Boost Mobile Commodore that came out in front.


A mandatory competition caution was called on lap 13 and bunched the field back up for a sprint to the end. 


With four laps remaining on the restart, Brodie used his tyre advantage and got away quickly, building a 3.5-second margin to second place and cruising to victory.


Jarrad Fillsell said: “I was reasonably happy with qualifying, I’ve struggled in sector two at Winton all week and I still didn’t get it all together so I definitely left time on the table there but still happy to get away with P2. I got a decent launch off the line and obviously there was a bit of contact at turn one. I didn’t feel any damage in terms of steering but that kind of damage does hurt aerodynamics so it probably made the car handle a bit differently. Whether it cost me the win or not, I don’t know, but it definitely didn’t help car performance. Heading into round one, I had a top five goal and wanted to try and stay as close to Dane as possible given his good form last year so as long as we can stay close to him, hopefully we’ll give ourselves the best shot come enduro time. In terms of competition levels, it definitely looked pretty tight at the top but I also think Winton bunches the field together being such a short track so it definitely didn’t surprise me that it was so close.”


Brodie Kostecki said: “It was great for both the Boost Mobile cars to get a first and a second for the team. It was great to bank up some points and for myself, it was great to take out the first round and start the season out strong. Having the open setups this season makes it more interesting, not everyone drives the same so it’s good in that aspect and to have everyone work off their own driving style, it evens the playing field a little bit. I’m really excited for Sandown next week, I’ve always liked that track, it’s my favourite in the calendar in real life and it’s great that it’s part of the Eseries now.”


Racing resumes next Wednesday at Sandown and brings a big opportunity for the team to grab maximum points as the Pro Series and All Stars pair up for an enduro.