Boost Mobile Racing powered by Erebus has withdrawn Will Brown’s damaged car from the remainder of the Auckland SuperSprint following huge damage in today’s opening race.

The #9 driver hit the tyre wall at the entry to pit lane at the end of the opening lap of Race 28.

Will was escorted off the track by Mark Winterbottom, who left him absolutely no room at the exit of Turns 9 & 10.

“Winterbottom and I had a bit of contact at the hairpin, we were going two-wide like everyone has all weekend through turns 9 and 10, and he deliberately turned across and put me off,” Brown said.

“I was a passenger from that point. It was scary; you have enough time to think about it. I saw where I was going in and knew it was going to be a big crash but 56G impact is a lot.”

The impact was so large that the concrete barriers were dislodged, and race suspended for 20-minutes.

Luckily, Will was able to jump out of the car unassisted, albeit sore.

“I was pretty winded afterward, but I am feeling a lot better now, just saw down the left side of my body,” he said.

“We now have a car we have got to try fix; its hard work for the crew leading into Bathurst and just something you don’t need.”

The team will now focus solely on Brodie Kostecki’s entry for the final race of the weekend, before the big task of preparing for the Bathurst 1000.