Having tested a Supercar for the first time back in February, Jay Hanson was thrown into the deep end and debuted in the Super2 category the following month. 

Alongside Image Racing and the Erebus Academy, Hanson achieved some positive results and concluded his season 10th in the Championship.


You debuted in the Super2 category earlier this year, how did you find it?

JH: Heading into the series with only one test day under my belt was challenging and there was obviously a lot of learning to be done but overall it’s been a really positive season. It’s a great category and I feel like there’s a lot of potential for me to move forward next year. 


What were some of the more challenging aspects of the category?

JH: It was quite nerve wracking heading into round one, especially racing against some guys who have had a lot of experience driving Supercars. It was really about just getting my head around driving these cars, particularly around the street circuits since they’re all such tight, narrow tracks. 


Speaking of street circuits, Townsville was a standout round for yourself. How did it feel to achieve your first top five finish?

JH: Townsville was definitely a great round and one of the highlights from the year. To be sitting just outside the podium with a P4 in the second race was great. We’d had a couple of races where we were running top five but a mechanical issue or a mistake on my behalf meant we didn’t get the result so to finally get it in Townsville was a highlight. 


What is the next step to sit consistently in that top five?

JH: Throughout the year we were able to stay inside the top 10 and start working our way up into the top 7-ish. Besides issues that were out of our control, we were consistently making gains throughout the year so I think if we keep persisting with what we’ve been doing and hopefully get a few more test days in, the results will come. 


You finished 10th in the Championship in your debut year, were you happy with that result?

JH: Heading into the year, my goal was to finish inside the top 10 so I am happy with the result but also a little bit disappointed because my expectations started to change throughout the year as I worked my way forward. We had a few results that were out of our control so to finish 10th in our first year is still quite a good achievement. 


What are your plans for next year?

JH: I want to drive whatever I can, whenever I can. I’d love to do some enduro stuff like the 6-hour, anything to keep me busy but my main focus is going to be Super2. Next year, we’re really hoping to get inside that top 5 in the championship.