Erebus Academy has welcomed young go-karter Ryan Wyhoon to the fold as he gets set to commence his seventh karting season.

With three Morwell Go Kart Club Championships under his belt, the 12-year-old joins the Erebus Academy as the youngest recruit so far with an undeniable passion for racing.

“Motorsport is everything to me,” Wyhoon said. 

“My parents took me to my first race track when I was a week old and then I had my first race weekend in Tasmania the week after so ever since I was born, I’ve always been at the race track.

“My dad got me my first kart when I was five and I started racing the following year at the Morwell Go Kart track.”

Since then, Wyhoon has seen multiple podium and championship successes across a variety of competitions and even competed in America in 2022. 

“I have three Club Championships at Morwell Go Kart Club and I’ve had a couple of podiums in the Golden Power Series but my highest achievement is probably third place at Parolin Junior Sprint Classic at the end of 2022,” Wyhoon said.

“It was a great experience to race in America last year. Being able to spend some time with people who coach Nascar drivers and even the Nascar drivers themselves was a really cool experience.”

With his father Terry Wyhoon owning Erebus Academy affiliated team Image Racing, Wyhoon is looking forward to joining the Academy ranks having followed many of the driver’s throughout their careers. 

“I think it’ll be a great experience for me to interact with other Erebus Academy drivers knowing that they could be in Supercars one day,” Wyhoon said.

“It’s really cool knowing I’m part of the same Academy that Will Brown was once a part of.

“I think the Academy will be able to help me with lots of things, like working on my data and hopefully getting me into a car when I’m older.”

Erebus Motorsport CEO Barry Ryan has paid close attention to Wyhoon’s career so far and looks forward to working more closely with him this year. 

“It’s great to see a young kid from such a rich family pedigree of racers focused on a career in motorsport,” Ryan said. 

“Ryan has shown a lot of determination and passion at such a young age and I’m really looking forward to watching his progression throughout the years.”

Wyhoon will commence his 2023 karting season next month in KA3 Junior Heavy at the Golden Power Series Puckapunyal, 18-19 February.