Erebus Academy driver Jobe Stewart completed his second Super3 test at The Bend Motorsport Park yesterday, with a strong focus on braking ahead of the upcoming Townville SuperSprint. 

The Super3 Championship leader made his debut in the Dunlop Series at Newcastle back in March and has excelled in the category ever since, securing two wins and two second place finishes.

While he has seen immediate success in the category, Stewart is thrilled to continue having opportunities to learn and develop his skills in a Supercar. 

“My first test day back in February was my first time in the car so it was really just about learning the ropes and getting used to everything,” Stewart said. 

“Whereas the main focus for yesterday’s test was my braking so at a track like Tailem Bend, it meant we mainly focused on Turn 1 as it’s a hard braking zone.

“We practised that corner over and over and really focused on my braking technique and because of this, I became heaps more confident on the brakes.

“I was jumping on the brakes later and practising pulling the car up and we were consistently improving throughout the day.”

Stewart’s confidence in his braking has increased following yesterday’s test which will prove beneficial when he hits the streets of Townsville. 

“Braking is obviously an important skill for all tracks but I think it’s definitely going to help at Townsville, particularly going into Turn 1,” Stewart said.

“Hopefully this testing will mean that I can get on top of the brakes quicker at new tracks and be feeling really comfortable right from Practice 1.”

The third instalment of the Dunlop Series will take place at the Townsville SuperSprint in six weeks time, July 7 – 9.