Coca-Cola Racing by Erebus has ensured no stone is unturned, completing a successful pre-Bathurst test day at Winton Motor Raceway yesterday.

The team, having strategically saved this test day throughout the season, had their focus primarily on co-drivers and pit stop preparation ahead of the upcoming Bathurst 1000.

The day unfolded flawlessly, with perfect weather conditions and a series of pit stops, which includes driver changes and all-important brake changes.

It also gave the team a chance to dial in any Bathurst set-up ideas and iron out any potential issues ahead of next weekend’s Great Race.

Co-drivers David Russell and Jack Perkins took the lion’s share of the laps, with Russell highlighting the importance of the day.

“It was great to get more seat time before Bathurst,” Russell said.

“We were able to do long race runs before focusing on pit stops, and it was good to tick a lot of boxes and refine things.

“We have had such a good lead up and are better prepared for Bathurst than we have ever been.

“After having strong results at Bathurst previously, plus with the team’s performance this year, our eyes are firmly focused on one thing, which is winning the race.”

Kostecki and Russell have proven to be a formidable duo, securing 3rd and 4th in the last two Bathurst races, plus most recently a 2nd place finish at the Sandown 500 earlier this month.

“It was nice to have a day like yesterday where we can focus on the little details leading up to Bathurst,” Kostecki said.

“Bathurst is important on its own but also to the championship being a 300-point race. We must approach it the same as every other race, minimise mistakes and be there at the end.”

Teammate Will Brown echoed the importance of yesterday’s test and refining procedures: “It was really good to hone in on a few things before next week.

“This test isn’t something we have done in the past so it’s really good to have been able to allocate a day just to focus on Bathurst.

“We are working on minimising any mistakes and giving ourselves the best chance at a good result.”

Jack Perkins, who narrowly missed the podium with Brown at the recent Sandown 500, said: “It was great to be back with the team ahead of Bathurst.”

“It was nice to get some more laps in these Gen3 cars with the soft tyre and Bathurst set-ups.

“The team has done a great job with pit stops and Bathurst specific preparation, so we are looking forward to getting up there to the Mountain next week.”

With each of the four drivers wholly comfortable in their cars and working well together, the Melbourne-based squad are confident as they gear up for Bathurst.

The team will hit the track next Thursday, ahead of the Bathurst 1000 on Sunday October 8.