Ahead of this year’s Bathurst 1000, Erebus Motorsport’s esteemed fabricator James White was seconded to Lincoln Electric’s world headquarters to participate in their Motorsport Advanced Materials Program.

White has been an integral part of the Melbourne-based squad with his expertise in fabricating playing a significant role in the team’s success on track.

The Motorsports Advanced Materials Program is a five-day technical program that is limited to 18 people and takes place in Cleveland, Ohio.

The course structure is designed to provide participants with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, with approximately 75% of the program dedicated to hands-on training.

“Any avenue we can pursue to gain a competitive advantage through better manufacturing techniques, Lincoln’s team have the ability to help and a desire to be a part of Erebus’ success story,” White said.  

“This trip was as much about learning from their educators as it was connecting with my peers. I met some amazing tradespeople and have a network of people I can now ring and ask for advice and vice versa.

“This network of skilled people is a resource someone dreams of being able to access and I consider myself very fortunate for Lincoln and Erebus giving me the opportunity.”

While it’s recommended for participants to have previously attended the Motorsports Basic Materials Program, the advanced program dives deep into the intricacies of motorsports materials and applications. 

The primary focus is on mastering the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process, especially with materials like chromoly, Inconel, magnesium and titanium. In addition to these core concepts, attendees were introduced to cutting-edge technologies such as Waveform control Technology and Precision TIG technology. 

The purpose of the esteemed program is to enhance participants’ knowledge of current act welding safety, processes, instruction, concepts, equipment, and consumables. It also aims to refine their welding skills, ensuring they are at the forefront of the industry.

White’s invitation to this program not only highlights his exceptional skills and reputation in the field but also underscores the collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence shared by both Erebus and their partner, Lincoln Electric.