Commencing his second Super2 campaign with an overall podium in Newcastle, Jay Hanson entered the 2023 season with higher expectations and more confidence incited by last year’s experience. 

While the year had plenty of ups and downs for the 20-year-old, Jay managed to finish sixth overall in the Super2 Championship, four positions higher than his debut in 2022. 


This year was your second season in the Super2 category, how did your expectations change?

JH: Our whole view on Super2 changed between this year and last year. Last year was a massive learning year for me and we kind of got thrown in the deep end with barely even a test day before the first round. We were a lot more prepared and experienced and comfortable heading into the first round at Newcastle and we started off really well with a podium.


You mentioned your Newcastle podium, how important was that result?

JH: To be on the podium at the first round and during my first time at Newcastle was pretty cool. 

The podium in Newcastle just proved to us that it’s all about being consistent. That’s what this whole Super2 Championship is about. You don’t really need to be the fastest but you do need to be consistent and finishing races. It was definitely one of the more positive takeaways from the year. 


What were some other key takeaways across the year for yourself?

JH: Every time you’re in a car, you’re taking a new skill or learning something new from it. You’re always learning no matter what, every second, every lap out there you’re always developing as a driver. It’s hard to nail it down to one thing. 


What would you say was the most difficult moment this year?

JH: The most difficult moment throughout the year would probably be Bathurst. We were really working our way up through the field and another podium for the year would’ve been great for the team and our Championship points. What better place to have a podium than at Bathurst? It was a mistake on my behalf but in saying that, we’ve had other moments throughout the year that weren’t necessarily my fault but I think that was a critical moment in our Championship that let us down a bit. 


With all of that in mind, how would you summarise your year?

JH: I would say it’s been a pretty successful year for us. There have definitely been moments that have set us back, whether it be the car or myself, but I think we’ve definitely grown as a group and were able to progress throughout the year. It’s definitely been another big learning year for myself and there’s a lot I will be taking out of the year that I know is going to benefit myself and the team in the future.