JLB kicked off Sunday on a high note, securing P8 in Qualifying, advancing him to the Top 10 Shootout, while Todd qualified 12th. In the shootout, JLB’s performance elevated him to P6 on the grid.

The second race of the weekend began with what could only be described as chaos. JLB navigated through largely unscathed despite being caught between Reynolds, Davidson and later Randle, losing two spots on the mountain climb. Both drivers settled into a rhythm by lap 3 and JLB regained ground, reaching P7 before his first pit stop on Lap 11. Todd followed on Lap 14.

Todd reported early on that he’d lost his clutch and while muscling the car around the Mountain was one challenge, the pit stops would prove another.

Both drivers maintained their track position until Jack’s longer fuel stop on lap 26, rejoining in P15. The crew opted to delay Todd’s pit stop, hoping for a potential full course yellow. Eventually, Todd was brought in on lap 30 after climbing to P3.

The final 10 laps saw minimal opportunities to gain track position and proved largely processional.

JLB finished the day in P8 and Todd P13.