The final day of racing in Perth was filled with challenges, but Academy drivers Jobe Stewart and Jarrod Hughes finished unscathed in 7th and 21st respectively.

In the morning qualifying, Jarrod secured 11th and Jobe 12th, lining them up side by side. In Race 2, Jobe’s quick start moved him into 11th by turn 1, with Jarrod close behind in 12th. On lap 2, Jobe jumped to 10th. A fast pass on lap 5 saw Jobe take 9th, while Jarrod defended hard but slipped to 13th.

Kelly’s car fire on lap 10 brought out the first safety car. Jobe, ahead of the chaos, secured 8th with a pass on Allen, while Jarrod hit spilt oil and went off track. The race was red-flagged, parking the cars in 8th and 22nd for a restart.

With 8 minutes to go, the race resumed under a safety car. Jobe held his position, and Jarrod fought up to 21st. A spectacular crash between Murray and McLeod on the first lap of the restart brought out the second red flag, ending the race. The stewards backdated the results to the previous lap, keeping Jobe in 8th and Jarrod unfortunately losing his gained position and relegated to 22nd.

Post-event investigation disqualified Murray, moving both Academy drivers up a place. Jobe walks away from Perth 6th in the Championship, with Jarrod in 10th.

Next up: Round 3 of the Dunlop Super2 Series in Townsville, July 5th-7th.