Saturday dawned with sunny skies and an air of unpredictability, both in the changing conditions and the uncertainty of who might have the upper hand in qualifying and the race.

In qualifying, Brodie clocked a fast lap almost immediately, but a change of tyres left him unhappy with the car’s feel, resulting in a P11 start for the afternoon’s race. Jack, on the other hand, secured provisional P6 and advanced to the Shootout.

During the Top Ten Shootout, the track started slow amid serious wind gusts. As the session progressed, the track conditions improved, and Jack managed to secure P5 for the race start.

At race time, Jack had a strong start, dicing with Heimgartner to retain P5. Unfortunately, Brodie was squeezed wide by De Pasquale and Percat, resulting in two flat tyres and a pit stop that dropped him to P23. De Pasquale and Jaxon Evans became casualties of the incident and retired from the race.

Jack maintained P5 until the first round of stops on lap 30, rejoining in P12 between Feeney and Brown. By lap 32, Brodie had climbed to P19, while Jack moved back up to P8.

Jack’s long stop with 20 laps to go saw him rejoin in P14, but he managed to jump Feeney and move up to P10. Brodie made his final stop with 28 laps remaining, rejoining in P20.

With 12 laps to go, Jack passed Brown to retain P5. As the rain began to fall, he lost position to Payne but closed in on a fading Randle in the final stages. Despite his efforts, Jack finished in P6, with Brodie in P19.

The boys will work overnight to repair the damage to Car 1, and we’ll be ready to go again tomorrow.