Erebus Simulator Experience

$250.00 60 minutes

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The Erebus Sim Experience aims to provide drivers from karting through to elite professional racers the ability to hone their skill in our world-class high-performance simulator.

​We are able to offer a full range of motorsport options with a wide variety of cars. This includes Supercars, GT, Porsche Carrera Cup and many more, on local and international circuits.

​Our state-of-the-art simulator at Erebus Motorsport HQ allows race drivers to train and improve their skills, resulting in improved on-track performance. Working one on one with one of the team’s engineers or elite driver coaches (additional costs) we utilise data and video analysis to improve each driver.

​Our training facility caters to all drivers no matter what their experience. Catered sessions allow drivers to work on fine tuning their skills:

  • New track familiarization
  • Racing line
  • Braking
  • Acceleration
  • Steering
  • Qualifying scenarios
  • Race scenarios
  • Car setup

Performance Program

Our Performance Program is designed for those drivers currently participating in a current series and looking for maximum improvement and on-track performance. Each session is tailored to your specific requirements, with an Erebus engineer on hand to help you find tune your skills.

Driver Sessions

Our Driver Sessions are designed for those drivers who are looking to experience the thrills that a world-class simulator can offer. If you are a fan of the sport or competing online, the Erebus Sim Experience is your chance to get behind the wheel in a car of your choice in a full motion simulator. Driver session attendees are also able to request an Erebus Motorsport engineers to be present, for any tips and to ensure you have a day to remember.

Current drivers using Erebus Sim Experience

Anton De Pasquale, Will Brown, Brodie Kostecki, Garry Jacobson, Brenton Grove, John Steffensen, Luke Holdsworth, Jordan Boys, Luke Youlden and many more….