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Erebus E-Sports

Motor racing, whether in the real world or the sim world takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it is not something you do alone, it is a team sport. Throughout the levels of motorsport, race engineers and driver trainers are the key for drivers to find speed from their cars.

At Erebus Motorsport we are constantly learning and developing as a team. With the advent of Covid-19 we have developed new techniques to keep our drivers in Supercars and Super2 at a peak performance level through remote driver training.

Now for the first time ever a Bathurst winning, professional race team is able to offer one on one race engineer coaching to anyone of any skill level.


Sim Training Packages

We have developed packages to suit your needs to help you find success and enjoy your racing.

For us to help you with a live one on one race engineer or driver training specialist we will need you to set up a few apps. Our instruction document is <here>. Once you have booked your first appointment we will send you your personal links and passwords. Once set up correctly our race engineers will be able to access data files almost immediately after each of your runs. We strongly recommend your first session is at least two hours as any teething troubles with your data flow will impact on your training time.

Junior Ranks – $120 per hour

You are racing against others online but you need to qualify higher up to avoid the carnage from all those crazies in the mid pack. You know you have it in you to start winning.

We do too…we have all been there and all the hard work can get frustrating without guidance. You may be carrying the brake too far into the corner or applying the throttle too early.

League Racer – $220 per hour

You may be winning some races already but you really want to get the consistency and win the league. You want to be the best and maybe become an e-racing star.

Our training team know how to be the best. We work with the best drivers and help them find the final half a tenth for pole. We work on their consistency and develop their understanding of how to get the most from their tyres throughout a race. We learn their driving style and adapt the set up of the car to maximise their performance.

Erebus Simulator Experience – $250 per hour

Our Driver Sessions are designed for those drivers who are looking to experience the thrills that a world class simulator can offer. If you are a fan of the sport or competing online the Erebus Sim Experience is your chance to get behind the wheel in a car of your choice in a full motion simulator.